Generating API Documentation

Getting an application object is not very useful if you don’t know which messages it responds to, as well as their purposes.

Documenting an Application

RubyOSA comes with a tool called rdoc-osa which allows you to generate documentation for the API that RubyOSA dynamically generates for a given scriptable application. For example:

$ rdoc-osa --name iTunes
$ open doc/index.html

rdoc-osa acts as a front-end to the RDoc tool. By default it generates HTML documentation in the doc/ directory of the current working directory.

Documenting Additions

RubyOSA provides the ability to merge Scripting Additions into an application. It is possible to also generate API documentation for additions:

$ rdoc-osa --addition --name StandardAdditions
$ open doc/index.html

Command Line Documentation

You can also generate RI documentation:

$ rdoc-osa --name iTunes --ri
$ ri current_track

To learn more about rdoc-osa, type rdoc-osa -h at the command line.